Webinars return with a Thursday night celebration of local miniature artisans who craft Southland landmarks cute enough to cuddle, and the ghosts who help us save buildings.
Let’s start with some disappointing news—but we promise we won’t leave you feeling blue.
Gentle reader, Greetings from your friendly historic Los Angeles sightseeing tour company, now offering digital programming until we can again organize…
Never before has public corruption shown its face so clearly, so shamelessly, in the motions and votes that ooze out of City Hall.
So there we were, trying to remember how to relax after 36 straight weeks of all-new Saturday pandemic series
Mitch O'Farrell's record breaks the record player, and everyone who cares about Los Angeles history needs to pay close attention. Today Taix, tomorrow.…
For the past nine months, every Saturday at noon, we’ve hosted an all-new immersive Los Angeles cultural history webinar.
This week, preservationists were on high alert as the “landmarking” of Taix French Restaurant in Echo Park came up for a City Council vote—despite prom…
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