In which we visit a Rosicrucian healing temple high above Oceanside, only to get goosed by a ghost

Gentle reader,

Greetings from your friendly historic Los Angeles sightseeing tour company, now offering digital programming until we can again organize groups to gather and explore the city we love.

For our latest post that’s hidden from the rest of the internet, we’d like to take you along on an esoteric road trip, to visit one of the most mysterious and beautiful spiritual sites in Southern California: the international headquarters of The Rosicrucian Fellowship, the National Register landmark Mount Ecclesia.

For last Thursday, October 28 was the anniversary of the Oceanside compound’s dedication in 1911, the one day a year that the holiest Rosicrucian space is opened to the public. And let’s just get the weirdest part on the table at the start: after we stepped into the Ecclesia Healing Temple (Lester A. Cramer, 1922), we were both touched by unseen hands!

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