Shhhh... We're Going on a Silent Cinema Safari and You're Invited To Come Along!

Plus sneaky business surrounds El Pino, the most famous tree in East Los Angeles

Gentle reader,

Sweetest and safest of New Years wishes from your friendly historic Los Angeles sightseeing tour company, now offering digital programming until we can again organize groups to gather and explore the city we love.

These dangerous times try us all, and although we try to wear a brave face, we’re not immune to the stress or anxiety.

We’ve found one way to feel a little less stressed in 2021. Because there’s no hurry and no place else we need to be, we’ve updated our standard webinar event copy to read: “the 90 minute running time is just an estimate, and we often run long because the stories take on a life of their own. You can always come back and watch the last part of the webinar recording later." Put your feet up and enjoy, and we will, too.

We know we have a unique opportunity through our webinars, social media stream and preservation activism to create diversions that make it easier to pass the time, and through this work to remind all of us what we’re missing while unable to go out freely in Los Angeles. We are also discovering ways in which the city can reinvent itself once the lights come on again, by looking backward and reviving some of the great things from the past that have been lost. It feels good to be useful, and to be learning new things every day. Thank you for tuning in, and for caring about the city we love so much.

And so tomorrow at noon, it’s Pershing Square, Los Angeles: the History, Tragedy and Potential of Our Original Central Park, 1866-2020. You won’t believe how much history can be packed into one small slice of public space, as we launch our new year of programming with a plea to the City of Los Angeles stop messing around and bring the great park back. Joining us in this bustling urban treasure hunt are Stephen Gee (architect John Parkinson’s biographer), Courtland Jindra (sleuth of the park’s missing siege cannon), Mark Wild (historian of public space and speaking), Kemal Cilengir (street photographer and Occupy LA member), Nathan Marsak (Bunker Hill historian) and Gordon Pattison (Bunker Hill native son). It’s a Pershing Square party that won’t be complete without YOU!

On January 9, it’s George Mann’s Fabulous Vintage Views of Los Angeles. You’ll be amazed by the improbable tale of the spaghetti-limbed vaudeville star who reinvented himself in mid-life as a commercial photographer capturing cool 3-D views of Southern California for display in a custom viewing device invented with the help of pal Bill Lear of Lear Jet fame. We’ll be joined by George’s son Brad Smith and daughter-in-law Dianne Woods, and 3-D photographer Chris Casady. The webinar features never before seen photos that will be presented in two dimensions.

And just announced is a very special collaboration on Saturday, January 16: John Bengtson’s “Silent Echoes in Westlake” Early Los Angeles Film Locations webinar. This is one you won’t want to miss!

When we had to shut down our 2020 tours due to COVID, it was personally disappointing not to be able to again go exploring on a tour bus with our favorite silent cinema locations sleuth, who never fails to blow our minds with his discoveries and astonishing lucky breaks. We’re so pleased that John Bengtson will be joining us virtually, to take a time travel trip through the historic Westlake neighborhood, illuminating the landmark locations that are immortalized in the comic films of Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin. For more info, or to reserve your spot, click here.

Stay tuned as we roll out a new webinar program each Saturday. And remember if you can’t watch live or need to leave mid-stream, you can watch the recording for one full week. There’s still time to see A Love Letter to the Cafeterias of Old Los Angeles, with our very special guest Robert Clinton of Clifton’s Cafeteria, through Saturday night.

Programmatic Architecture, Angels Flight, Grand Central Market, Ohio River Valley, Bunker Hill, Charles Bukowski, Raymond Chandler,Black Dahlia,Dutch Chocolate Shop,Bradbury Building, Tunnels, L.A. Times Bombing, 13 Uncanny Crimes & Mysteries are now available On-Demand. And we’d love to see you tomorrow at noon for Pershing Square, Los Angeles: the History, Tragedy and Potential of Our Original Central Park, 1866-2020.

yours for Los Angeles,

Kim & Richard


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