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The Eagle Tree has fallen

a landmark of old California no longer stands tall

Before Los Angeles was a part of California, the huge sycamore 11 miles due south of the Plaza Church was a guide post for travelers that marked the border of Rancho San Pedro and Rancho San Antonio. Because birds of prey often perched in its bows, they called her The Eagle Tree. You can read some of her history, and our concerns about the tree's recent poor health, here.

On April 7, 2022 around 9:20pm, the main trunk of the Eagle Tree toppled over, crushing a car parked behind the apartment building next door.

Thanks to Jensen Hallstrom, who is a great friend of the historic sycamore, we can share these photos and video of the aftermath, and a little encouraging news about the healthy young growth that surrounds the dead, toppled trunk.

This is a blow, but it still may not be too late to save the Eagle Tree to be a living witness for future generations of Angelenos. Please raise a glass of whatever is handy in honor of a cultural and historic landmark that is poised tonight between life and death. The Eagle Tree is dead - long live the Eagle Tree!

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News from Esotouric's Secret Los Angeles
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