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The greatest problem is the lack of strong citizen involvement and the changing topography . There was a time when the LA Times was a force in LA and they supported journalism that exposed corruption and incompetence. One example was the 1990's extension of the Marina Del Rey ground leases. The insider deal was well greased but thanks to the LA Times and Richard Riordan's involvement the taxpayers value of the transaction increased by around $400. MILLION and some politicians did hard time.

but then there is the typical LA deal . The LAUSD iPad deal - a billion dollar boondoggle , rushed through the board before some members left . A program based on vaporware , a lack of understanding of the mission or the environment. The LAUSD Superintendent trying to sleep with senior staff, evil teachers sent to largely Hispanic schools because the parents would not complain., multi million insider deals. The conversion of LA approvals into a classic extortion ring . The love of contractors like politically connected contractors like Tudor who bid low, contribute generously and get exponentially inflated change orders routinely approved.

Folks should understand that Huizar's value to those who would buy his support was not just his vote but the votes he could deliver. As one Developer commented, "I can't believe how much benefit you can get from a very modest bribe" To those at LAUSD and later LA City Council it was obvious that Huizar was on the take, protecting those taking advantage of LAUSD and then the City.

LA is not going to get much better until the Citizens understand that they need to put integrity ahead of ideology when selecting and retaining politicians. Throughout LA departments and city hall have been transformed into a mafia like extortion racket. Only when it becomes embarrassingly grotesque is there any citizen outrage. By then the damage has been done.

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