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Once again you have out done yourselves!

I am amazed with all the information you seem to share so easily. I loved the entire episode if you want to use this idea.

My favorites are the articles on the Fairfax theater where I went with my twin sister and friends as many weekends as possible. Just looking at the pictures makes me remember that I was once young.

I Loved your comment on how you thought that the l love of reading and stores like Pickwick are going to be around town again.

Keep up the good work. It is fascinating,

Brilliant and sociably meaningful.

Love and cheers babs

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wrt what got eaten was that daddy said grampa told the man something to the effect of: I don't like your book,I don't like you....I won't censor it but this is my store and I decide how many copies get put on the shelves.

I so wish that he could have done a talk on his own.

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