in loving memory of Ken Pratt and Robert at the Baltimore Hotel, caretakers of landmarks that survive them.
Gentle reader, Greetings from your friendly historic Los Angeles sightseeing tour company, now offering digital programming until we can again organize…
...and John Parkinson rests easy knowing his fine old building is in good hands once more.
Join us this Thursday at 8pm as we resume our live webinars with a round table program on making, restoring and studying miniature marvels of Los Angel…
and we want to know why you love it, too.
Plus previews of newly nominated Los Angeles landmarks, oddball discoveries, and recommended reading for L.A. lovers.
Webinars return with a Thursday night celebration of local miniature artisans who craft Southland landmarks cute enough to cuddle, and the ghosts who h…
Let’s start with some disappointing news—but we promise we won’t leave you feeling blue.
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