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Nobody knows Los Angeles history, true crime and historic preservation like Kim Cooper and Richard Schave, proprietors of acclaimed tour company Esotouric and authors of the Raymond Chandler Map and How To Find Old Los Angeles. From The Real Black Dahlia to Charles Bukowski’s L.A., Pasadena Confidential to The Birth of Noir, their deeply researched bus tours, walking tours, blog posts, webinars (available here on Substack as a streaming channel) and 3-D virtual tours reveal the secrets of the city they love.

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These special posts have featured an esoteric temple tour where we got goosed by a ghost, a visit to the seldom seen basement of the Bradbury Building, UCLA’s undigitized vintage menu collection, Pat Adler’s 1960s research photos of L.A. landmarks, backstage treasures of the Mayan Theatre, a 1930s movie theater promo scrapbook, a secret spring in a subway tunnel, skulls and brains.

We appreciate your support, especially since we paused bus tour operations in March 2020 due to the coronavirus. After a pandemic series of immersive L.A. history webinars, we returned in June 2022 with all new walking tours and got back on the bus in June 2023, starting with our flagship Real Black Dahlia tour. We’re always working hard to tell the stories of threatened Los Angeles landmarks, and find public policy solutions to keep them from being demolished or displaced.

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