Recently, our preservation pal Steven Luftman wrote one of his fascinating, deeply researched landmark nominations for a gorgeous building in the…
Gentle reader, 845 days have elapsed since our last in-person event, a Route 66 bus tour that included a stop to explore Fairmount Pioneer Cemetery in…
Scoop: Relevant Group has gutted the Morrison Hotel... and it's weirdWhen Jim Morrison and the Doors snapped their illegal album cover photos in an aging Downtown residency hotel, they couldn't imagine how it would be…
Come explore the secret histories of Evergreen Cemetery, Bunker Hill, the La Brea Tar Pits and old West Adams with more to come
In our latest post hidden from the rest of the internet, join us at a secret location in South L.A.'s Plains of Id, where giant psychedelic fungi glow…
Visiting All Our Friends at L.A.'s Bureau of Street Lighting... Vermonica, Air Raid Siren No. 184 and the Glendale-Hyperion Bridge LampsSome of the coolest pieces of vintage infrastructure are stored for safekeeping just off Route 66 in East Hollywood. Drop in and see for yourself!
Why spend $30,000 for a professional opinion on how to safely move these fragile sculptures, then throw 'em into the back of a truck?
or a funny thing happened to H.R. 1496 on the way to the President's desk. How did this soulful bill that was making West Adams proud get sucked into…
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